If you fall, I fall

Since you dont seem to listen to me ill have to say it here.. If you leave this world i have no idea of what i would do but i know that i wouldnt be able to live with myself after that. I would miss you everyday, miss all your late calls, everytime you laughed, every single moment we had with each other. And just so you know im 100% serious in what i said: If you fall, I fall. (Faller du, så faller jag) 
I cant promise you to not do anything stupid cause im not sure if i will be able to keep that promise, but i will try to do as you want anyway. But one thing im sure about is that if you go i wont stay either just so you know.. And i miss you so much it hurts. two months is to much time being away from each other.
Just remember that i love you and no matter how much stupid things you say to me you will always be in my heart.
I love you


About imtheonly1

Hi there ;) Im Felicia, a 15 year old girl from Sweden. And i guess it's here i'm supposed to tell you people some things about me but if you wanna know then you have to look on the 'about me' page ;) xoxo -F
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One Response to If you fall, I fall

  1. ANDREJ says:

    No fall – SHINING ! 🙂

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